Hello everybody, welcome to Percussive Music’s Radio Show number three with Jack Bridge. One hour of techno music with some exclusive sounds from Jack Bridge. Please, share and like if you do.

Keep the music loud!

1 Strong Liquid (Original Mix) The Kech Senso Sounds
2 Isolation (Original Mix) Monococ KRSL
3 Noising (Original Mix) Dark Persona #thatechno
4 Distress (Original Mix) Novem Vivit Set About
5 Body Language (Original Mix) Lewis. Jaw Dropping Records
6 Bruyant (Original Mix) D-Deck Flower Power
7 Detuner (Crescendoll & Dylan Andrew Remix) Maksim Dark Rubik's Recordings
8 Space Navigator (Original Mix) Sandro Galli Gynoid Audio
9 My Friend (Tom Wax Remix) Room Service Variety Music
10 Ella (Drumcomplex Remix) Ben Champell Voltaire Music
11 Far Voices (Original Mix) Angelo Stasi, Noloc Selected Records
12 Repetita Iuvant (Original Mix) Christian Hornbostel Praedikat
13 Vegas Trains (Original Mix) Marc V, Symeon DistroKid
14 Savage Driving Person (Original Mix) BRIAN DON Phobiq
15 Lambda Core (Original Mix) Marcal Mind Medizin Records
16 Dark Night (Nakadia Remix) Katnada This Is Not
17 The Glitch (Original Mix) Drumcomplex DCMX
18 Flashlight (Gaga Edit) Mateo! Dark Face Recordings
19 Rocket Jack Bridge Percussive Music
20 The Other Side (Original Mix) Zzino, Guss Carver Ushuaia Music
21 Possesion (Original Mix) Alejandro Dno Ushuaia Music
22 The Black Flagrance (Original Mix) Zzino, Guss Carver Ushuaia Music
23 Lashback (Breger Remix) Paul Neary Complex Textures
24 Rotations (Original Mix) Lisa Oakes Different Is Different Records
25 Control (Dikron Remix) Gaga, Mateo! Dark Face Recordings
26 Mine (Remastered) Eric Sneo Beatdisaster
27 Martillaso (Original Mix) Sosa Ibiza, Dalosy Invert
28 This is music rework (Original Mix) David Moleon Moop Up

29 LAPS (Secret Cinema Remix) Rico Puestel Exhibition

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