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Percussive Music
Percussive Music Techno Label

Percussive Music

The Percussive-Music label of French origin presents a look at electronic music through a selection of Techno Old-School Underground, Hard-Techno as well as House.

Three styles, three colors: Dark, Red and Orange:

Percussive Music Dark Series offers a look at contemporary Techno through an inspiration from what Techno was in the 90s. Punchy, linear, and groovy without compromise.
Percussive Music Red Series offers a vision of Hard-techno for purists by loud sounds in rhythm.
Percussive Music Orange Series has chosen to revisit House Music through more dynamic sounds.

Created by Jack Bridge, Percussive-Music offers an eclectic choice of digital and vinyl productions as well as radio programs broadcasting DJ or Live Techno mixes.

MassiveReturnShiftMist Before EngageNo SensNo DealNebulaTunnelLife RhythmRocketNo MoonRemix-SolicePetroleumPm002 - No MorePm002 - Back To the RootsPm003 - Jack bridge Techno Music Back To RealityPm003 - Jack bridge Techno Music MolecularCustom TitlePM004 Jack Bridge SectionPM004 Jack Bridge Don't you see it