PM004 Section


"Section" is a groundbreaking single by Parisian maestro Jack Brige, poised to set the electronic music scene ablaze. Released under the banner of his pioneering label, Percussive Music, this release showcases Brige's dynamic prowess in the realm of techno.

The first track, "Don't You See It," launches the journey with electrifying energy. It's a rapid and pulse-pounding sonic adventure, featuring sweeping soundscapes that transport listeners to a realm of pure euphoria. Brige's deft touch with rhythm and melody creates an atmosphere of boundless excitement, making this track an instant dancefloor favorite.

The second track, the eponymous "Section," takes things up a notch with a harder edge. Mesmerizing synth cuts slice through the sonic landscape, enveloping listeners in an irresistible techno vortex. Brige's precision and innovation shine through as he crafts a sonic experience that is both intense and enchanting, promising an unforgettable musical voyage.

"Section" is a testament to Jack Brige's artistry and Percussive Music's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Prepare to be enthralled as this single propels you into the heart of fast-paced and groovy techno.

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