Hello everybody, welcome to Percussive Music’s Radio
Show number 8 with Jack Bridge. 1h30 of techno music with some recorded live on Instagram Livestream.
exclusive sounds from Jack Bridge. 

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1 Side Effects (Original Mix) Red Rooms Side Effects EP Planet Rhythm
2 Lights On (Original Mix) Shlomi Aber Can't Sleep EP CLR
3 Meltdown (Original Mix) Monococ Pryzm Alula Tunes
4 Remote Control (Original Mix) Pablo Say, Marko Krstic ADE Special 2022 Set About
5 Backbone (Original Mix) Kreisel Backbone VapourTrail Records
6 Pictures (Original Mix) Mateo! Pictures Dark Face Recordings
7 Turn It Up (Original Mix) Irregular Synth Reflection Dirty Minds
8 Scaphold (GDB Remix) A Thousand Details SCAPHOLD EP Selected Records
9 Dry (Original Mix) Drzneday Amsterdam Dance Essentials 2022 Ambi Records
10 Mind Control (Original Mix) Rosper Obscure III : Obscure Darkness V.A POINTZER0 Rec
11 Kreisel (Original Mix) Carlo Ruetz Ghost Form
12 What You Know (Original Mix) Lewis. Entering Orbit Soupherb Records
13 Bring It On Down (Original Mix) Ramon Tapia Bring It On Down Say What?
14 Estafa (Original Mix) Dani Sbert, Diego Straube Estafa Numen
15 Define (Original Mix) Balthazar & JackRock Define Hypnostate
16 Tribalous (Original Mix) David Moleon Hardgroove Friends, Vol. 4 Transfiguration Recordings
17 Rayos Uva (Original Mix) Dani Sbert, Diego Straube V.a Summer Bully Beatz
18 Go! (Final Dry) Dkult Moments Last Forever Luminar Records
19 Confusion (Original Mix) Gaga, Mateo! Confusion Dark Face Recordings
20 Blame Me (The Advent Remix) Denise Rabe Blame Me EP Arkham Audio
21 RAW (Original Mix) Alberto Ruiz Particula Sonaxx Records
22 Black Wind (Original Mix) Andre Walter, Al-Faris Clubbers House Tunes, Vol. 4 7AGE Music
23 Vapor (Original Mix) Monococ Minimal Summer Classics Bully Beatz
24 Put Your Hands Up (Original Mix) Andy Bsk Hare Krishna Hare Haaar Cycles Grooves
25 In the Night (Original Mix) Lampenfieber In the Night Blending Revival Records
26 Rolling (Original Mix) ENERTY Kontakt EP KD RAW
27 The History of the hat (Original version) David Moleon The History of the hat Moop Up
28 Gridded (Original Mix) David Moleon Gridded Moop Up
29 Freefall (Original Mix) MaKaJa Gonzales, Van Maesen Between The Lines Darknet
30 No Disappointment (Original Mix) Melanie Massa No Disappointment Subios Records
Knowledge and Ignorance (Christian Hornbostel Remix) The Electronic
Advance, DJ Nasty Deluxe Notes From The Dark Vol. 21 Voltaire Music
32 Axioma (Rosper Remix) Christian Hornbostel Ibiza 2022 BluFin
33 Man Of A Good Heart (Original Mix) Sigvard The Flowers Hundred LP Materia
34 Birkenwald (Kreisel & Monococ 6AM Remix) startech42 Birkenwald VapourTrail Records
35 Wedance (Ramon Tapia Remix) Dr. Motte, Drumcomplex Wedance Say What?
36 Mist Before Engage Jack Bridge Percussive Music

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