Hello everybody, welcome to Percussive Music’s Radio Show number 6 with Jack Bridge. One hour of techno music with some exclusive sounds from Jack Bridge. Please, share and like if you do.

Keep the music loud!

1 Atomizer (Original Mix) Maksim Dark Senso Sounds
2 Pulsif (Original Mix) Matt Sassari Clepsydra
3 Crypto (Original Mix) Deas CLR
4 Symmetry (Original Mix) Deas CLR
5 Love Servant (Original Mix) Joyhauser Terminal M
6 Stage 2 (Original Mix) Filtrack AnalyticTrail
7 Global Error (Original Mix) Axel Karakasis Sleaze Records (UK)
8 Night 88 (Original Mix) Sosa Ibiza, Dalosy Avaken
9 SoulRaise (Goncalo M Remix) Eloy Palma Rattle Records
10 Plur (Original Mix) Dr. Motte, Tom Wax Dolma Records
11 Ranger (Original Mix) Marck D Tronic
12 Past Encounters (Original Mix) Goncalo M, Destro Global Techno Movement Records
13 The Acid feat. Andi Hanako (Original Mix) MNLR Ballroom Black
14 Waveform 78 (Original Mix) Goncalo M Dolma Records
15 Crypto (Original Mix) Drumsauw Planet Rhythm
16 Freefall (Original Mix) MaKaJa Gonzales, Van Maesen Darknet
17 Tumbleweed (Andrei Morant Remix) Al Munzo, Dan Martz City Noises
18 No Disappointment (Original Mix) Melanie Massa Subios Records
19 Life (Original Mix) Tony Di Angelis LETS TECHNO records
20 Remix Solice Jack Bridge Percussive Music
21 No Deal Jack Bridge Percussive Music
22 Life Rhythm Jack Bridge Percussive Music
23 Tunnel Jack Bridge Unreleased

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