PM006 Soulmate


Parisian producer and DJ, Jack Bridge, unveils his latest Techno masterpiece with the release of "Soulmate." This electrifying single consists of not one, but two high-octane tracks that are sure to send pulses racing on dance floors worldwide.

In "Soulmate," Bridge showcases his unparalleled ability to craft driving Techno jams that are nothing short of mesmerizing. The title track lives up to its name, forging an instant connection between the listener and the relentless energy of the music. It's a sonic journey through fast-paced rhythms and rolling basslines that will transport you to a realm of euphoria.

But that's not all—Jack Bridge doesn't hold back with "Let It Come" either. This second track in the release keeps the adrenaline flowing with its relentless beats and infectious grooves, making it a perfect addition to any Techno enthusiast's playlist.

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